We did not win…

Brunswick called for a recount and I think a bunch of coloring books appeared after midnight from under a table!  We made the mistake of not stuffing the table with crayons!  We will get them next time.

This from Ellis:

I will have a traveling trophy for the presentation made by the DG to Brunswick (Way to go Brunswick!!!).

Everyone did a phenomenal job and we accomplished much more together than apart. That being said, I would like to make a motion that we keep this bond going forward and make this a yearly occurrence and have at least one service project a year where we all come together. Each club having an opportunity to lead. Hopefully early on in the new President’s term. Thoughts??


Thanks to the Professional Shopper combo of Beth and Mickey we delivered our booty to the DA today.

Here is our PILE

The runner-up Brunswick with their pile


The big winners will be the kids stuck waiting at the DA’s offices in his district.

All the area clubs participated: Brunswick, Jekyll, Golden Isles, Camden, Jesup & Kings Bay.

Credit goes to Ellis Tucker from Golden Isles for the challenge and the almost daily smack talk emails…

Prez Joe


PS – some sample emails from Ellis – I think you may enjoy them

Yasssse, she be right! There be a huge waive coming from the south, I can see it from afar. Even Captain Quint is shaking in his boots (Farewell and adieu all you fair Spanish ladies, farewell and adieu ye ladies of Spain)…..It’s a scary site to be sure…. Hold on to your hats and kittle. It’ll be here Monday, Tues, or at least by Wed (28th)

Well hmmm yeah well, I sent it out in the very beginning many, many moons ago, but will dig it up. I’m thinking after seeing Caleb’s pic, The Breakfast Club needs to do a double scoop and try again! And…. I know there is a BIG STORM coming from the BRUNSWICK-IAN CLUB (Also known as the Dinner Club)! It’s Gonna get interesting!!

Caleb, This is awesome!! Thank you, to you and your folks for being so incredibly generous!! The gauntlet indeed has been thrown down (again-A protective glove worn in medieval times and thrown down as an open challenge). I must say…… IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!! Who will answer – THE JESUP-IAN CLUB OF ROTARY? WHO CAN????? INCREDIBLE!

Caleb, You are 100% right this is all about the kids and putting some sweet smiles on their faces. Thanks again!

W e l- l- l- -l-l… I guess Duane has thrown down the gantlet (A protective glove worn in medieval times and thrown down as an open challenge) and has RE-RE- challenged all of us. I know of this Trena Smith Smyth, Duane speaks of and while she is indeed a very interesting person, I have heard no legends or even short stories of her apparent miraculous shopping abilities. Therefore,  I for one (That is to say Golden Isles Rotary) am not afraid to say…..BRING IT ON MY FRIEND!!! BRING IT ON!!!


I don’t know about you guys,  but I have really enjoyed this! I don’t know most of you or at least not very well but after this I feel like I have made a friend of each and every one of you.  Our clubs came together had fun and accomplished something we couldn’t have or at least, probably wouldn’t have by ourselves. This has been a great ice breaker and I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my silly talk, it was all for fun. This AINT THE END still some business to attend to BUT it’s a great time to take a breath and say THANK YOU!

I think of the four way test.

Will it build goodwill and better friendships- CHECK

Will it be beneficial to all concerned- CHECK CHECK!!

More to come……..



Apparently we haven’t heard the last of Ellis