This is an email from our latest sponsorship of a Global Grant.

Sarah O’Brien 

Regional Grant Officer 

Sam Kendal 

USAID Program Officer 

Dear Sarah,

Dear Sam,

Today we completed the budget and funding for 15 kindergartens project. All required information has been entered and the application is ready to move forward toward the approval by TRF, without USAID funding.

My request to Sam is to check if the USAID will support this project, like they did last year. If yes, it would secure more funds and would enable us to purchase ICT equipment for 6 more kindergartens (then we would be able to provide equipment for 21 kindergartens). If the response from USAID is negative, we request that Sarah proceeds with the approval procedure for this project as regular TRF Global grant.

Our International partners in this project are again PDG Hamsa Thota , D5920 USA and RC Fitzgerald as International sponsor club. As you know, they will be in Serbia in May 5-10 for a site visit. It would be really great if by that time we could get the approval and the funds transferred to our designated account. The mobile furniture and ICT equipment for kindergartens have already been reserved with the supplier, so the whole project could be implemented in a very short time following the approval.

Thank you both Sarah and Sam for all your efforts and support. We really appreciate it.


Looking forward to your response,