Protecting the environment is one of seven Rotary International Areas of Focus.  We will incorporate that into our 2023/24 service work by adopting a stretch of Kingsway for regular litter cleanup, part of the Keep Golden Isles Beautiful effort.  A sign will be posted on Kingsway designating SSI Rotary.  Every 6 weeks, club members are asked to pick up litter along the one mile stretch (Mallory to the Frederica roundabout outside the Lodge).  Go with a friend or your kids.  Go at 7am for your morning walk.  Go at sundown before dinner in the village.

No rules!  Gloves, garbage bag, and  picker-upper are provided.  (Cute hat is mine!!!) This is an easy and meaningful way to do something good! I particularly liked the bike riders passing me saying ”thank you!!”